Skills @ Educational Institutions

Vocational Skills in Schools - facilitate a wide ranging curriculum of vocational, technical and professional skills to prepare school student for a work place.

Working with educational institutions and school groups .

Vocational and academic training and teaching

We offer industry endorsed skill development programs to people across age groups in more than 40 trades to engage them productively
       through jobs and/self employment

Strategy: Our programmes offers skills across spectrum to improve the competitiveness of the Indian Industry

Programmes for Government departments and through private sector partnerships

Offer Capacity Building and Training of Staff in Behavioral Skill Enhancement amongst Education, Security, Retail, Construction, Sports,
        Automobile, Security, and IT Sectors at present (more to be added)

Quality Audit for Training

Outreach Solutions - Participative & Community Based for self Help Groups Village level Mobalisers, etc

Employability, Fundamental Skills for the Workplace –

assist college students for entry to the workplace. These will include including Employability Skills. These lead to internationally recognised qualifications. Areas for Skills development would be focused around the economic requirements of the State and the local communities. Training courses for delivery in schools and other training and educational institutions would be provided, as would train the trainers modules to bring staff up to speed, and internationally recognised assessment and qualifications would be suggested to certify the skills gained by the students. EEF is facilitating a wide ranging curriculum of employability and soft skills development to prepare graduating students for entry to the workplace and maintaining a healthy and rewarding work-life balance. Employability and Fundamental Workplace Skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them 'employable'. Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they want from an employee such as communication, team-working, leadership, initiative, problem-solving, flexibility and enthusiasm. Training courses for delivery in schools, Colleges and Universities can be provided, as would train the trainers modules to bring staff up to speed. These courses could be stand-alone or incorporated in to current degree, post graduate and related courses. These are some of the skills we develop amongst the employable young

Online learning English language skill - EEF is working with a leading e-learning company to bring a state of the art online e-learning and Level
       4 English qualifications to India. This material can be used directly by individual learners via the Net or as part of a classroom/lecture room
        delivered English lesson. It will assist the candidate to bring Students to this internationally recognised level which will enhance their own
       employment capabilities worldwide.

Personality Development: Inter-personal Skills, Listening Skills, Persuading & Influencing, Grooming Etiquettes, Personal Branding, Body
        Language, etc.

Business Communication Skills

Interview Readiness Skills: Individual SWOT Analysis, Tackling Typical Interview Questions, How to deliver clear & well-structured responses, etc.

Goal Setting, Action Planning, Time Management, Prioritising etc.

Skills @ Community

Competency building and training

Offer quality audit for training

Outreach solutions