How is Educations for Employment Foundation different?

It will focus on youth employment in India and developing skills which enable a person to be successful in life.

Powerful partnerships - will engage young women and men, local business leaders, educators, civil society and governments in partnerships that produce job placements and entrepreneurship support.

Strategic targeting - will identifies areas of the economy that offer strong growth potential and opportunities for new jobs, but currently lack suitably-qualified personnel.

Job Placements – will aim to place 100 percent of its graduates in jobs. EEF will try to achieve this rate through actively encouraging employers to commit to job placements and cosponsor graduates.

Creating Alumni Support - will build a strong alumni support through mentoring and alumni networks after they graduate. EEF will further ensure graduates are connected with like-minded peers, offers them support in their new jobs, and will assist them to become engaged citizens.

Innovation – will continue to look for new ways to provide support for youth with limited opportunity. For example, EEF's entrepreneurship program will help aspiring young entrepreneurs start their own enterprises, a critical step for economic growth across India.