Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

The effectiveness of entrepreneurship education is defined as the degree of importance and satisfaction of students perceiving the entrepreneurial curriculum, and the higher the degree of satisfaction and importance, the greater the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education.

Employability in Higher Education

Why is Employability Important in Higher Education? Employability is a set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes that make an individual more employable. ... It encompasses the full educational spectrum of values from imparting knowledge and understanding to developing skills and attributes.

Life Skills in Education

In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to: Find new ways of thinking and problem solving. Recognise the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation.

Significance of English in Daily Use

The objective is to develop the participants’ communication skills with a specific focus on spoken English. The course focal point is o enhance the ability including listening, speaking, reading and listening (including vocabulary, grammar, clear pronunciation, fluency and increased confidence). However, specific training objectives will be set out based on the assessment of candidates’ existing language proficiency.


The purpose of counselling, is to empower a person to achieve their personal goals, and gain greater insight into their lives. One hopes that by the end of this process one will be more satisfied with his or her life. The counselling can be undertaken in the areas of a) Career; b) Sexual Abuse; c) Addiction; d) Behavioural; e ) Depression; f) Relationship; 

Multiple Intelligence Analysis Tool

 Multiple Intelligence Analysis Tool (MIAT) aim is to provide a reasonable estimate of the person's Multiple Intelligences disposition in order to promote personal satisfaction, academic and career success through enhanced self-awareness and differentiated instructional support. The profile provides a quantitative and qualitative Multiple Intelligences profile report that describes the person's strengths and weaknesses in everyday language.  

21st Century Skills in Education

It should be noted that the “21st century skills” concept encompasses a wide-ranging and amorphous body of knowledge and skills that is not easy to define and that has not been officially codified or categorized. A number of related terms—including applied skills, cross-curricular skills, cross-disciplinary skills, interdisciplinary skills, transferable skills, transversal skills, non-cognitive skills, among others—are widely used in reference to the forms of knowledge and skill commonly associated with 21st century skills. 

Online Assessment in Education

Online assessment, student will not only prepare for the test, but also get to know about the rifts and mistakes in the preparation, it enables them to notice their weak areas, so they can work upon it in a better way. Moreover, students need not to wait for the result, as soon as they submit the test a detailed report with the feedback get displayed on the screen of the user. The detailed report of the test helps the student to analyze his/her weak areas as well as the strong points

Community Social Responsibility

We aspire for a sustainable world in all that we do. It’s inherent in who we are and our generational company philosophy—founded on stewardship. We don’t just help our clients take action to improve health and well-being, contribute to economic vitality, and promote environmental stewardship. We hold ourselves accountable to do the same at VHB—for our people, projects, communities, and operations.

Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. ITIs offer training in various trades. ITI trades and courses focus on skill development in students. They churn out skilled professionals each year and thus develop the skilled work force in India!  Two main types of trade are a) Engineering Trades; b) Non-Engineering Trades. Engineering trades are related to the field of engineering studies. Courses available under this trade are technical in nature. Non-Engineering trades are mostly related to computers, languages and soft skills.

Numeracy & Financial Literacy

They are important life skills that are equally important for one's own sake as well as for society. Individuals are illiterate while interventions to increase the level of numeracy and financial literacy the outcomes are ineffective. The effect on behavior may be driven by some unknown third variable, such as individual cognitive ability. The role of cognitive and emotional factors in attaining financial literacy is momentous.


A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is a higher education/further education qualification in the United Kingdom. The attainment level of the qualification is roughly equivalent to 6th year at school, or one year of university and a Certificate of Higher Education but being less than that of a Higher National Diploma (HND). Studied full-time, the qualification normally takes one year or two years part-time. In 

UK HNC (previously a level 5 qualification) is now Level 4 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.